Using Docker to deploy Wundergraph with NextJS

Hello there, did anyone of you deploy Wundergraph + NextJs using docker? Thanks

Hey! Are you asking if it’s possible or are you running into issues deploying using Docker?

Here are the docs for self hosting with docker: Deploy with Docker - WunderGraph Docs

Let me know if you are running into issues.

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Hello @slickstef11 , thank you for answering me. I think this Deploy with Docker - WunderGraph Docs only deploy wundergrapsh without NextJS. My Dockerfile is like this :

FROM node:18-alpine as dependencies
WORKDIR /front
COPY package.json yarn.lock ./
RUN yarn install --frozen-lockfile

FROM node:18-alpine as builder
WORKDIR /front
COPY . .
COPY --from=dependencies /front/node_modules ./node_modules
RUN yarn build

FROM node:18-alpine as runner
WORKDIR /front
ENV NODE_ENV production
# If you are using a custom next.config.js file, uncomment this line.
# COPY --from=builder /front/next.config.js ./
COPY --from=builder /front/public ./public
COPY --from=builder /front/.next ./.next
COPY --from=builder /front/node_modules ./node_modules
COPY --from=builder /front/package.json ./package.json

CMD ["yarn", "start"]

And I got this following error during deployment