Postgresql introspection error


New to wundergraph here. Trying to setup a simple starter project locally on environment below.

Local Setup : Windows 10 laptop with WSL2 Ubuntu 22
on WSL2
DB : PostgreSQL running on a docker container locally at
– I can connect to this DB via DB tools and has few tables with some seed data in it.
Wundergraph : started with
npx create-wundergraph-app sample-project --example simple

In wundergraph.config.ts added following

const myDB = introspect.postgresql({
	apiNamespace: 'my_db',
	databaseURL: 'postgresql://user:password@',

// configureWunderGraph emits the configuration
	apis: [countries,myDB],

I get error on npm run start

 FAIL  script config-runner failed with exit code 1:
  20:44:23 PM FATAL: introspection of postgresql database failed after 5 attempts, make sure it's accessible at: postgresql://user:password@
      Did you forget to add tables to the database? Make sure, you've run your initial migration.
      The introspection fails if there are no tables.
      Are you using a custom database schema? Make sure it's selected in the database URL.
      Please restart "wunderctl up" once the DB is running.

I have tried adding schema to postgresql connection string as well as using postgres:// instead of postgresql://

Any pointers on what to try would help.