Polling with Federation not working as expected

I’ve been trying to get introspection polling working with Federation, but to no avail, e.g.

const federatedApi = introspect.federation({
    upstreams: [
            url: "http://localhost:8000/graphql",
            introspection: {
                pollingIntervalSeconds: 3,

The service on localhost:8000 receives the initial requests from Wundergraph which I can see from the logs, but I don’t see any subsequent polling requests in the logs (of the upstream service).

Reading the docs, it seems polling should be enabled by default:

By default, wunderctl up will poll remote data sources periodically every 5 seconds, which should be fine for most data sources. The default interval can be changed using the --default-polling-interval flag.

So I’m not sure what I’m missing.

I tried setting export WG_DATA_SOURCE_POLLING_MODE=true manually, and re-running wunderctl up after clearing the cache, but it blows up with:

21:44:51 PM ERROR node/node.go:727 reloadFileConfig ioutil.ReadFile {"component": "@wundergraph/node", "filePath": "/<omitted>/.wundergraph/generated/wundergraph.config.json", "error": "open /<omitted>/.wundergraph/generated/wundergraph.config.json: no such file or directory"}

20:44:51 PM FATAL: Could not load wundergraph.config.json. Did you forget to run `wunderctl generate` ? {"component":"@wundergraph/server"}

It still complains even after wunderctl generate. Am I missing something?

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I’ve forwarded this to our team. We’ll get back to you soon.

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Hello @mrsaints - We’ve created a fix for this and it should be released in the next few days, you can track its progress here fix: polling for federation sources, allow individual configuration by fiam · Pull Request #921 · wundergraph/wundergraph · GitHub - Thanks for letting us know!

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