Managing APIs across multiple teams

I’m evaluating wundergraph as a solution to help us manage APIs which are being developed across multiple teams, and I’m not sure whether there are patterns or solutions for this.

We have a bunch of teams creating APIs, across three larger business lines within our company.

We’re currently using Apollo federation to create a single graph across a bunch of services, but it’s really easy for one team to accidentally break others by introducing a name conflict into the global graph.

So, a couple of questions:

  1. Let’s say a team tries to remove a field (graphql or REST) from a backend microservices, that would break a downstream wundergraph API definitions… how can I use wundergraph to detect/alert this at runtime?
  2. Can I use wundergraph to detect this at CI/CD time?
  3. How do people set up wundergraph definitions across multiple business lines and teams? Do you have one repository that all the teams share, or one per business-unit?